“Perhaps the most radical act we can commit is to stay home”

- Terry Tempest Williams


Who is the Mad Farmer?

A Mad Farmer is catalyzing a movement to do things differently, to build soils, to promote resilience, and to rebuild their communities. Mad Farmers are doers, they deal in sweat, seeds, and soil. These Mad Farmers and Ranchers are slowly disrupting agriculture as we know it today and in the process, mitigating climate change.

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Why this series? 

Change happens on the backs of pick-up trucks. Overlooked and vilified for too long by the climate movement, farmers and ranchers are creating change in their communities. By highlighting maverick farmers who are not following the herd, we can elevate their examples for others and welcome these non-traditional heroes into the climate solutions movement.

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Why now?

This is a critical time to find the language to connect our exceedingly siloed world. It’s far too easy to entrench in belief systems, and distance oneself from statistics. Method and messenger matter. Stories, rooted in people, give us that language. We have the opportunity to make an impact.

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Why soils?

Jans Jenny once called soil the skin of the earth. Soils sustain us, feed a growing population, filter water, cycle nutrients, and hold a key to fighting climate change. Soils contain about 2,500 gigatons of carbon, but have lost 50-70% of the carbon they once held. Changing how we manage soils can help get that carbon back and in the process, mitigate climate change.